#Covid19: The best apps and tools to use while working from home

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#Covid19: The best apps and tools to use while working from home

As you all the Covid19 pandemic has made us to shutdown but that doesn’t mean you should shut down your business.

Below are apps and tools you can use while working at home;


Zoom Video conferencing app for up to 100 people. Staying at home is not the end of work. Zoom can help you work remotely and stay connected to your team.


CamScanner Worried that you don’t have a scanner at home to share documents with your colleagues while working from home? Say no more! CamScanner got you covered. You can easily transform your mobile phone into a scanner.


While you work from home, also cease the opportunity to learn a new language. Duolingo is an intuitive app that helps you learn any new language: French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Free Books & Audio Books

You can only know as much as you read. This app contains thousand of free books and audio books that you can take advantage of while staying at home.


Want to sharpen your brain while you stay off work a bit? Then you need Scrabble. This particular version allows you to play online with your friends anywhere they are.


Content creator? Social Media Manager? Small business owner? Canva is a fantastic tool that helps you with flier/banner designs for your social media marketing effort. You don’t need to be a graphics designer to use it.

Mario Kart Tour

This is another game you would love. It brings back nostalgia.


Slack is basically a chat room for your team members. Its workspaces allow you to organize communications by channels for group discussions and allows for private messages to share information, files, and more all in one place


This app empowers you to create awesome videos (just like professional videos) with just few taps. Choose photos & video clips from your phone, and the app does the magic for you.

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  1. What about VPNs? When I started working from home my boss insisted that I donwload Atlas VPN and use it as long as I am using our home network, because hackers can easily steal company data when you are using some company resources and VPN should protect you from that

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