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COVID-19 in Nigeria: The Nigerian COVID-19 Dilemma

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COVID-19 in Nigeria: The Nigerian COVID-19 Dilemma
There is a season for everything under the sun, a time to be free and a time to be bound. The wave of restrictions came so suddenly that it brought with it opinions from people. Humans as free spirited being has been affected actively or passively in this difficult times.The corona virus (codenamed COVID-19) came as a rumor towards the end of the year 2019 in Wuhan, China and in the usual way of Nigerians, it was viewed as a foreign plague that does not concern us. Everyone criticized the eating habits of the chinese as it was postulated that the virus originated from the consumption of an infected bat. But another school of thought claims that the virus was created in a laboratory in China to aid their population control procedure. As rational beings we are left to our discretions as to what to believe about the original and existence of the virus.

With time the virus traveled from China to various countries where it claimed thousands of lives and brought great nations on their knees by crumbling their economy. The first instinct of the affected countries is that the virus is a biological weapon, hence, they assembled renewed scientists to research on a possible cure and vaccine for the deadly virus.

As calm as the light of sunset, the first case of the virus was recorded in Nigeria and the entire country was in a state of panic with eruptions of so many theories regarding the existence of the virus in the country. Just like every other situation, Nigerians came up with various notions about the virus hanging from the notion that says the virus is a means for the government officials to enrich themselves to the notion that says no one is infected with the virus in Nigeria.

When the number of infected persons were below ten (10), the country was in great panic and fear but a few months later with the number of infected persons at approximately thirty thousand (30,000), the country is in a state of relaxed uncertainty. Nigeria, the giants of Africa is at a state of dilemma. Are there people infected with the virus in Nigeria? Or it is just some political strategy. Let your mind decide that……Share your thoughts about Covid-19 in Nigeria.

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