Controversy on Nnamdi Kanu being alive or dead

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Controversy on Nnamdi Kanu being alive or dead

There is an online controversy going on about the IPOB leader, Nnamdi  Kanu being dead or alive and also if he has  an impersonator who is covering up for him.

This whole drama started when the IPOB leader alleged that the President of Nigeria is being impersonated by another person. All these started on his social media page.

Journalist Kemi Olunloyo who is known for sharing exclusive news has asked if she knows anything about the IPOB leader.

She wrote;

Reports that Nnamdi Kanu has died. This is one strong news I cannot authenticate. Kanu or IPOB will have to debunk this. I hope he’s fine. Good luck to everyone.

Exactly why are Biafrans calling me names like harlot, Ashawo etc because I can’t verify that Nnamdi Kanu is dead. Your Disrespect is unacceptable. IPOB are so daft. Michael Jackson too tweeted when #COVID19 broke out. I will do the honor of announcing Kanu’s death if I knew

Tomorrow I will tell you if IPOB Terror leader Nnamdi Kanu is DEAD in Italy and cremated or being impersonated by a Double Nnamdi of Sudan. I’m the only credible Journalist for this.

With all these the IPOB leader has promised a live video on his page tomorrow.

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