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Cinemas have really helped in raising standards -Promise Charles

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One interesting thing about Actor Promise Charles is the way he switches his role from being a bad guy to a stubborn child or a very sober boy all in one makes him a creative actor in the Nigerian movie industry.

Promise Charles gave us some interesting gist about himself that we would love to share, the movie actor, screenwriter and makeup artist is from Imo state, Nwangele LGA to be precise and graduated from the University of Port Harcourt where he Studied Political science (Education).

Talking about his career and passion for acting;

I’ve always loved acting while growing up, seeing actors on screen I felt they were extraordinary people. I started working on myself to be a better actor.

What makes him stand out;

The need to be a better actor. I Try so hard to work on myself and having in mind I’m not in a competition with anybody but the old me.

Best moment in the industry;

The very first time on set working with Nollywood veterans.

Most Challenging moment; 

The first time I ever played a lead, acting alongside veteran Columbus irosanga in the movie “College Madness”.

The Future of the Nigerian movie industry;

I think things are changing, the cinemas have really helped in raising standards because people wants theatrical releases so they try to make up the production quality. Funding would really help speed up the process of improving standards, because I think compromises are made due to limited resources. The future of the Nigerian Movie Industry stands to be positive.

The way forward for Promise Charles and what to expect from him;

I aspire to be a better actor who’s going to contribute in making the Nigerian movie industry a better one and I will always give out my best.

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