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Body positivity: Story of a plus size model in a pageant

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In most Pageant it’s not really common to see plus size model in a pageant competition, it is usually mostly skinny ladies. A plus size is an individual with a larger structure often regarded as been fat or big.

At the Nigerian Queen Pageant 2020 we saw some Plus size models and decided to connect with one of them who shared her experience on contesting with other ladies who are not plus size.

Her story

My name is Unyime Stephen Ifon, I am a plus size model, creative director, a humanitarian and body positivity activist. In the just concluded 12th edition of the Nigerian Queen, i represented Taraba state.

My decision to contest in the Nigerian Queen 2020 was one that many couldn’t comprehend. It amazed them, the priceless looks on their faces was everything for me lol, it usually read.
A “plus size girl in a pageant” what chances do you stand. However from my first day at camp I showed everyone that every chance was mine for the taking. I made sure to give my best shot at every single chance, knowing that I have an army of people who believe in me my family, my friends, my coach, my fans and sponsors I just couldn’t see myself giving up.

My favorite moment from camp was when I got to inspire contestants at the preliminary show, that meant everything to me, because to live and know that I touched lives is the greatest gift of all. Another precious moment during camp was when I was voted Miss Amity oh my God I couldn’t contain myself I was overjoyed I honestly didn’t see it coming, the experience opened my eyes honestly.

I made a lot of friends at camp and my roommates we’re the ultimate hype women part of the reason I was always bubbly every morning even though the bed didn’t fit me sometimes, those girl believed in me and encouraged me every step of the way as being the room and flat head wasn’t the easiest job.


As a model the photo sessions was my time to give them gbasgbos, what! I loved it, with every chance I got in front of the camera I took it as an opportunity to speak body positivity.

“In this competition you are first contesting against other contestants, before you contest against the organizations standards while the rest of us are contesting against the organizations standards” these words spoken to me, by another contestant, in good faith is dear to me, because just as I said in the preliminary interview “we have to work twice as hard”
I was not in competition with anyone rather I was in a race with the worlds standard and expectations of people like me, I wanted to clear a path and also make a statement and I am glad to see the impact I left.

Without a doubt I know my performance in the Nigerian Queen 12th edition left enough proof that believing in yourself is all you need to bring any dream to life.The days i got to spend in camp are memories i would not forget so easily.

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