Bobrisky Arrested Over N665,000 Debt

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Nigerian crossdresser Okuneye Idris, well known as Bobrisky, was arrested by police on Monday over the sum of N665,000 owed to a boutique.

Instablog reports that an eyewitness disclosed the arrest was due to the fact that Bobrisky breached an endorsement agreement between the two parties.

He was, however, later granted bail after signing an undertaking to pay N300,000, today, July 24, and balance up later.

Bobrisky’s arrest has sparked a huge conversation on social media as people mocked him over his fake lifestyle on the internet.

He seemed to have left his hip pad and “fake” breast at home as many noticed Bobrisky looked more manly in photos of his arrest circulating online.

Some selected comments read:

“Lol bobrisky is now broke, someone that brags about making a million naira everyday ! See eh this life , be humble o !!!!! You’re not God!”

One person said, “Deep ooo… so it’s very RISKY being BOB these days… if you know you know”

“Another wrote, “Oshey baddest…This is the fake live they go about living and forming big..I don’t blame him, his best friend was recently called out for being broke. And they act like they own the entire Lagos and the fishes in the Lagoon…baddest ko badminton ni”

Others said: “Okay one lesson learnt, you don’t know what others do to look good, be yourself, be contented with what you have.”

“Buh he/she was home all day according to his/her snap”

“They arrested her without her filters and breast Did “she” hide them in “his” Benz?”

However, Bobrisky has confirmed on social media that he was arrested by police saying the boutique owner is “pained” that he dropped the contract after expressing lack of interest.

The internet sensation, in a post on his Instagram account, appeared unperturbed by the arrest as he intimated that the reports would not break him.

“Haters she is pained I drop her contract. She carry me go police thinking they will detain almighty Bobrisky. I’m not interested anymore” he wrote.

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