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Big stories: The dangers of going nude on the internet -Toolz

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Big stories: The dangers of going nude on the internet -Toolz

A lot of things went down over the weekend both good and bad, one of the biggest stories of the weekend was the display of nudity on singer Slimcase Instagram live which he called Assmatic Radio, a 🔞 content.

The display of nudity wasn’t supported by some persons it would affect their image in the future.

Read media personality, Toolz advise consequences of being nude;

Ladies pls be careful with this twerking on IG live thing. You never know who is recording and holding on to the footage. Protect yourself.

Just imagine, we’re a decade in the future, great opportunities are coming to you, and someone pulls out footage of you twerking on IG live pouring milk on yourself. Its sad cos historically, women tend to lose out more in these situations.

I went for an interview once, and I brought my A-game…till they made reference to a YouTube video of me. No twerking, just me swearing a lot & saying some stupid things. I didn’t even know it was on YouTube, I was so embarrassed…and no I didn’t get it.

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