#BbnaijaReunion: Why we think they are against Khafi….

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#BbnaijaReunion: Why we think they are against Khafi….

It’s getting to two weeks since the reality show Big Brother Naija Reunion started and we have seen a lot of drama from the pepperdem Ex-Housemates.

One of the issues that caught our attention was the matter of Khafi as some of the housemates tagged her as a gossip which we the viewers have failed to see after seeing some old clips, some said she used her diary session to say things that were not right.

Anyway to cut this long story short we are now focused on sharing more of our content so we brought back Outrageous News be ause a lot of you liked it and this is the Big Brother Naija Reunion editon.

Note Outrageous News is an awkward hilarious news so please don’t take it personal, just watch and be entertained!!! Also kindly subscribe like, comment and share….

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