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#Bbnaija: Omashola wants us to know this about his relationship and marriage plans

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We linked up with Big Brother Naija reality star Omashola of pepper dem season 4 few days ago to get some juicy gist about himself and more. Firstly we were like give us your Warri shouting vibe and he was like; i am not going to shout warri 😁 which you guys know its not true…. anyway read everything he told us below;

On Life after the house
Life after the house has been amazing i would not lie, i have been working on the same thing i was working before big brother which is my own personal project still working on it though and i have my own real estate property which i was doing before big brother and i am still doing it.

Expectations from Omashola
What you should be expecting from me is the movie we working on and maybe i didnt shout Warri in this one but yeah those are things you would be looking out for and standup comedy as well and i am working with one or two people which i can mention their names only if they permit me too.

On if Omashola is fully back to Nigeria or based in South Africa
For me Nigeria and South Africa i am in both place, from here to South Africa is 6 hours and from Lagos to Warri is seven hours so South Africa is even more closer than going home. I have been to south Africa twice since i left the house and i am back nobody even know about that. Its that easy for me i am here and there but mostly in Nigeria for now.

Speaking about marriage and pressure 
There is no family pressure about marriage, nobody is asking me any question about when would i get married, nobody is given me pressure and nobody can pressure me in this life. You only get pressured when you want to be pressured, if person they talk to you when you no know you and you wan get pissed because of that then your just stupid you understand and the only person that can come to me with such topic that would make me feel bad would actually be my parents but they are cool with it yeah i ammy living the life the way i am i would get married when its my time Daddy showkey don talk am say God time is the best so why not wait for it

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