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#Bbnaija fam meet the twins that came as result of Double Wahala 😂

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Yes ooo they came as a result of Double Wahala of Big Brother naija but they are not double Wahala babies according to the mother 😂 read her story as she celebrates their birthday today;

So if you missed the gist,rush to my status to view my pregnancy story
Let me give you a small one,throwback to big brother double wahala 2018,you know how lit their parties usually are with Alex and Tobi on the dance floor🤣🤣,oh well me and hubby decided to party with them one of the nights,we partied hard,had some drinks together and Viola the rest is history😂😂😂fastforward to Nov,the result of that party is these Double blessings (not wahala pls) 😂😂😂,
It was the smoothest ride ever,I mean God’s grace was manifested in my life,I carried my pregnancy till 40weeks (fullterm)unlike twins that come from 32weeks,my stomach was almost reaching the ground but Gods grace was on 💯
They both weighed 3.2 and 3.5kg respectively
So i almost had 7kg in me(God is awesome)to cut it all short,On this day a year ago,God gifted us with the best gifts ever,they came Into our lives and everything changed.
I will keep on sharing my testimony cos these babies brought favours to our lives
You are both everything I prayed for ,BEAUTIFUL, SMART,CHEERFUL name them
Like the seed of Lebanon you both will flourish and the eyes of the evil ones will never know.
I declare that the world will hear of your greatness and evry room you enter will be filled with light
Are you ready for the smoothest ride to Greatness and blessings??
If you are then fasten your seatbelt and let @Emirates CABINCREW be your air hostesses🤣🤣🤣,the future hostess of Emirates
Happy birthday @d_perfect_duo
Mom and Dad loves you

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  1. Grace Ekigho Reply

    Congratulations this princess are so beautiful, am wishing them God’s Blessings always.

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