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#BallonDor2019: Just because Drogba was spotted with Iphone6 they said all these…

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Footballer Didier Drogba really got people’s attention with his Iphone6 at the BallonD’or award ceremony and the people who debated on it were mostly Nigerians.

Drogba was spotted a taking a selfie with friends and that was how the conversation of People especially girls using Iphone 11 became a hot topic. Read below;

Ladies, this goes out to you. Do not ‘KILL’ your boyfriends or husbands with demands. You’ll be demanding what’s unreachable. Learn to be contended with whatever you have. Drogba is a multimillionaire but still uses iPhone 6, but you with no brain wants iPhone 11

Drogba is Using an IPhone 6, ok… maybe he’s also driving a 1998 beetle and living in a Face me I Face you apartment.

What people celebrating Drogba for using IPhone 6 don’t know is that When you are not rich , you try to look rich by trying to use the latest clothes & phones But when you are rich, it’s known already , you don’t need to communicate that . You can use whatever comes your way.

Lol… Those people saying Because Drogba is using IPhone 6, therefore chasing after iPhone 11 is vanity are the same people that’ll troop to Davido’s page when he buys one mad expensive car screaming GOD when… Y’all don’t even know what you want.. Tuehhh

Messi might have won the #BallonDor Award buh King Drogba won the day. got everyone to stand up while he took the selfie.iconic👏 

If Drogba, a successful individual, is using iPhone 6 do you need bleed or kill yourself for iPhone 11. 

BallonD'or 2019

Meanwhile Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or for the 6th time The Barcelona star’s long time rival and five-time winner, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid, came third.

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