The Creative Hub is a place you need to be and this is why; In 2018 the Creative Hub did a lot of things that really impacted the society especially in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

We have actually being observing the hub from a distance and decided to go see things for ourselves, the mission was to find out who is really in charge of projecting the city by bringing creatives together and booooom we succeeded. Her name is Ibinabo Amakri a very strong lady who is so so passionate about projecting Rivers state despite the challenges.

So this is all she told us about herself and the Creative Hub; enjoy the gist…

“I am the convener of the creative hub in Port Harcourt, the creative hub is a community center that promotes the arts, innovation, enterprise and creativity. I started the community center to bring creatives together to give them a platform where they can get to meet each other, leverage grow and support each other so they become better and make more impact and get more attention.

I moved into Port Harcourt in 2011 and was working , actually grew up in the west and schooled in the west, when i came to Port Harcort i took time to understand the terrain and the people because i was originally a lawyer and I am more of a creative.

The creative hub started in January 2018 and I understand what people mean by no support but I decided it’s a passion and its something I am committed to and I told myself iby you can see gaps, you can see lapses in the community in your own little way with what you have you can give back and make an impact.

Creative Hub

The creative industry is very large there are a lot of sectors been affected by what we do, we have something for entertainment, for open mic which is every last Sunday of the month it’s a platform for new artist, new poets new comedians to come and showcase what they do to a crowd and from there we’ve been able to link some people and give them platform. We connect upcoming artist with established artist there was a rap battle of the open mic mentoring system connecting them with investors too that would put money into their businesses we trained the Rivers Angels and we were concerned about their skills that would set them up in the real world, we organized people to teach them different skills for 5 days in their camp and we were training them and they learnt and they were very happy with it, we taught them baking, cocktails/mocktails and juices Ankara bgs hats and fascinators.

We support creative event going around port harcourt , we give our space out for creatives to use when they have events or things they want to do, we do yard sales and the prizes are from 3000 and below 100 naira. we create platform where enterpreneurs can meet themselves, we teach business we have mentoring on business clinics we mark the world days also that are related to enterprise.

2018 was a test run year, 2019 would be an interesting year for the creative hub because we would come into our own fully and into all the things we have planned to be from thr initial time, we would be launching our incubation, another reason why we started creative hub is there are a lot of tech hubs everywhere and techies are creatives and there is a sector in the creative industry what about the writers, the dancers, the musicians  there should be somewhere for them where they can call home. So we would start the incubation program and that would be for anybody that has a creative unique scalable idea, the best ideas would be selected and we would incubate them.

We would have creativity hackathons and that’s where creatives comes out in a space to think through something have been able to come out with a topic its called cash to trash that’s the first hackathon am going to do, its going to be a call out we have trash all over so creatives come together these things we throw away what can we turn it to that it would be of value so I am going to list out canters, covers of bottles, we need people that can think deep like pure water satchet what can I use it for in Burkina faso they used pure water satchet to make things like these laptop bag  so we are going to engage this people let them come together we taking it to the local government and that’s a major project for 2019.

We are also planning an agro fair because there is nothing to really celebrate agro products, we have food festivals but nothing for agric so that’s going to be the creative hub impact to agriculture. Afro street is an impact to fashion, open mic is an impact to entertainment. we also have our entrepreneurs meet up and mentoring and business clinics that’s our impact to the entrepreneurs so this going to be our impact to the agro business area and also to push them forward so the creative hub just keeps pushing this aspect of the industry.

We do very unique event and I think is because of the afrocentric thing I am trying to infuse and very proud to be Africa so I keep pushing the appreciation for our culture, craft and africanes as a whole. We working on an office space to accomadate everyone…..

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