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#Assurance2020: Fans cant keep calm as Davido engages Chioma with Assurance ring

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Yes it happening, an Assurance wedding between singer Davido and Chef Chioma 😁 it all started with an Assurance Introduction then later followed up with an Assurance engagement where Chioma said Yes 😍

Davido wrote; SHE SAID YES!!!! BIG ROCK 💎

Over excited fans had this to say;

Davido and Chioma are getting married. Another Yoruba boy is settling down with the love of his life and it’s a beautiful thing. Love Wins 

A union that would shake the internet! #ASSURANCE2020 it’s happening! It has happened. A love story come true, upon all the talks, rumors spread around. Chioma & Davido is finally a true love story. In this life, mind you and yours. Let people talk! Congratulations OBO 

Congratulations to Davido and Chioma.If you don’t marry an igbo girl, my brother, wetin you gain??

‘’I thought it was suppose to be propose before introduction” yes you’re right but when you have money like davido you can do wedding, follow by introduction and then propose as long as both Chioma and davido love themselves we move 

Davido’s wisdom is top notch..Nigga did introduction first to confirm the bride price before proposal to Chioma

Congratulations to them 😍

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