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Alex Iwobi has been described in so many different ways because of this..

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Super Eagles and Arsenal player, Alex Iwobi has been given plenty description both funny, positive and negative after a viral video from the Arsenal and Rennes game popped online where he was holding his nose while a player said something to him during an argument on the field.

See video below;

Many people have reacted to Alex Iwobi’s attitude and described him in so many ways, read below;

Pretty sure I’m in a minority but I found what Iwobi did with the nose thing disrespectful and unprofessional..

This is a natural reaction. I don’t think he meant to be rude. He looked like he was just going to have a chat with him but the bad breath hit him in the face. Y’all should chill.

J Rodriguez did the same & got accused of racism… shocking state of affairs

That Iwobi‘s act is not proper at all, no matter what perspective you look at it from. Forget the sentiments of being our brother, most of you would have been shouting racism had it been he was a white man.

“You smell nice”- IWOBI

His actions brought in racism talk and Rodriguez reaction which was the same with Alex Iwobi.


What do you think???

Meanwhile Wakanda remains Forever and Black Panther would continue to be rated the best because of this..


Aduba who wore the Black Panther mask said;

“I needed a mask which represents me. It’s the Black Panther and in Africa, in Gabon, we call the national team the Black Panthers of Gabon… It represents me.”

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