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Actress Jemima Osunde seriously attacked 😣 Find out why

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Nawa o they really prepared and finished actress Jemima Osunde because she opened up on something on her Twitter page and boom this Twitter people carried it on their head, like you know when they say taking paracetamol for another persons headache that is what this Jemima Osunde situation is.

So here is the gist, the actress shared about a bobo who was toasting her sometime in February but 10 months after he moved on and ended up engaging another lady.

She wrote;

This man was aggressively toasting me in February….. now he’s engaged in December

So it’s either he really thought that would have been me with the ring on my finger right now (LEEMAO) or he was playing games.

Either way LEEEEEMAO!

After that they started attacking her o 😂 worst is they found the guy that was supposed to engage her to be Adeolu Adefarasin, son of Paul Adefarasin House on the Rock. This people kraaaa 🙄 FEAR THEM!

Jemima Osunde


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