NDDC Acting MD appreciates villagers who saved her life

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The NDDC Acting MD, Gbene Dr. Joi Nunieh has a lot to be grateful for, recently on her way to Yenegoa she made a quick stop over at the Mbiama Bridge, the place where she was miraculously rescued from the hands of death by God Almighty.

In 2015, on her way back to Port Harcourt from Bayelsa, the car she was inside somersaulted over the Mbiama bridge and plunged into the River, killing every person in the car except her, the lone survivor. How she survived that accident remains a mystery but all the glory goes to God Almighty who showed up just on time on her behalf.

Overwhelmed by emotion but with a heart of gratitude, the Acting MD expressed a deep appreciation to the villagers who rescued her from the River, especially to the young man who noticed that there was still a survivor and immediately dived into the River and began the rescue mission; and the Mama whose axe was used to break open the wrecked car in which she was trapped underneath the River.

As way of appreciating the villagers, the Acting MD, Gbene Dr. Joi Nunieh has promised to send relief materials to the people of Olomo village situated around the Mbiama bridge, which is currently flooded to alleviate their sufferings.

The Nunieh’s and the entire Rivers people will forever remember and celebrate these villagers for allowing themselves to be used as an instrument unto honour by God Almighty on that fateful day.

No matter where you go or how big you get in life never forget the road that will lead you home!

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