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Big Brother Naija 2020: Why Piracy Policy must be followed and the harm it may cause

Understanding Piracy

Piracy is been described as

Last night a new reality show was brought to our screen  by Africa Magic  and it is called “The Ultimate Love”  were  16 singles are brought together to search for true love in the  same space.

It’s one week since the pepper dem season of Big Brother Naija 2019 crowned Mercy as the winner of the reality game show.


Big Brother Nigeria 2019 has officially commenced and social media has been buzzing for two ladies in particular.

Tacha, who is an Instagram model, and Mercy, a video vixen.

This is what you need to know about these two sassy ladies as the games begin.

26-year-old Mercy Eke is a video vixen and a businesswoman based in Lagos.

She got people’s attention at the launch party with the sexy gown she wore which showed off her impressive body curves.

Mercy loves cooking, swimming, travelling and dancing. Recall that she said in an interview that she was mainly in the house for the fun and the alcohol.

When she’s not dancing, singing or rapping, Mercy makes time to enjoy her favourite food: white rice and pepper soup.


Tacha better known as SymplyTacha is quite popular on social media for a number of interesting reasons.

First of all, she has a tattoo of her celebrity crush Davido in between her boobs.

Secondly, she has shown how crazy she can be by faking a public proposal and faked her own kidnapping just for some social media attention.

On her Instagram page, you are most likely to see her naked or half naked displaying her cleavage and having a good time.

Tacha would pick her phone over sleep, any day. Although losing her mom weighed heavily on her.

When asked why she would be a fan favourite, she said “Because I’m SYMPLYTACHA. I’m spontaneous, loud, interesting, lively and fun.”

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The long-anticipated fourth season of the Big Brother Naija reality show on Sunday kicked off with 21 housemates.

This is the highest number of housemates so far as 2017’s ‘See Gobe’ had 14 housemates and 2018’s ‘Double Wahala’ had 20 housemates.

The first housemate introduced was Avala, a 30-year-old from Ogun State who said she was in the show for the money.

She was followed by Khafi, a 29-year-old from Ekiti state who is a police officer in London and Omashola, also 29 from Delta state who is equally in the show for the money.

Although Avala wants the world to know her, she made it clear that she was not single and ready to mingle while Omashola revealed that he is a talkative.

28-year-old Frodd from Anambra State was announced next. He described himself as “odd, a bit complicated and a 9-5 guy who is not an entertainer.”

Meanwhile, 26-year-old Ike is from Imo State who wants to give viewers a show, drama and romance. He is also a model and asked that viewers expect a lot of attitude from him.

Ella is a giddy 30-year-old from Anambra state. She described herself as single but not available. She promised to light up the house.

27-year-old Isilomo from Edo state said she is very adventurous, single and ready to receive applications.

Fitness trainer, psychotherapist and part-time stripper, Tuoyo is 24 years old and bluntly described himself as a flirt while 26-year-old Nelson from Rivers State said he is single and very available.

Nelson is a masseuse and past Mr Universe Nigeria while 28-year-old Sir Dee, who is a banker from Kogi state, said he is in the house for the money and experience.

Seyi is a 30-year-old from Ogun state known as ‘The Doctor’. The grandson of Obafemi Awolowo is not single but was in the house for the experience.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Esther, a lawyer and part-time hustler who was excited, said she was there for the money and fun.

26-year-old Thelma from Imo State is also in it for the money and experience, promised to spice up the house. Gedoni is a 31-year-old designer from Cross River who is single and ready to go all out in the show.

Diane is 23 and from Kaduna. She said she is going to be herself and is in the house for the money. She added that she is a terrible dancer but loves dancing.

Mercy is 26 and from Imo State. She is a video vixen who feels great and accomplished; and hopes the guys in the house will match her expectations.

23-year-old Tacha hails from Rivers State and cannot wait to show the world herself. She added that loves to make money.

Jeff is 30 and from Anambra. He wants to have fun and cause trouble with the ladies. 28-year-old Mike is from Manchester and Lagos. He is married and openly declared his love for his wife.

Mike is a high jumper who will probably go for the Olympics in 2020. Also, Kim Oprah

The show also featured live performances from Burna Boy, Zlatan and Teni the Entertainer who thrilled the crowd with hit songs and eye-catching dance steps.

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Big Brother Naija star Bamike Olawunmi popularly known as BamBam revealed she was raped by her ex-boyfriend and a spiritual leader.

“My heart has been heavy since this rape situation started. Like I feel physical pains in my heart,” she says. “I’ve been truly sad and have never wished that justice be truly served to these heartless! Insensitive! Brutal! Unrepentant rapists!!!

“Cos I have been there, I know what it does to the mind and self-esteem of the victim. It was with an ex-boyfriend and a spiritual leader I trusted. Took me meeting another man who saw me for me before I healed completely. Sadly I couldn’t end up with him, but God used him.”

Admitting that men also get raped, BamBam called on all to love one another.

She said: “Be kind to women, some men have been raped too. Truly be kind to people, you don’t know what true love and true transfer of kindness love and light can do to another person. I’m in tears as I type cos it hurts really bad just remembering and knowing how victims feel.

“Cos when you take the body of another without their consent you mentally scar them too! Yo! I trust God and want to trust the law to do the needful!

“I tried not to relate this to my personal self but when you hear experiences you lived, you become restless, memories hunt you. I have been refreshing all the updates on the movement/protest for tomorrow.

“Something in my head keeps ringing would justice be served this time? Another is hoping and praying that it is truly SERVED rightly! I cannot overemphasize how a win for Busola will be victory for all!”

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