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5 Tips To Up Your Skincare Game In 2019

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Your Skin should be well taken care of, therefore a special Skincare game is needed.

Below are some Skincare games you should apply in 2019;
1. Ditch bar soaps and use Facial cleansers instead. Soaps dry out your skin and mess up with the pH

2. Introduce More sheet masks/sleeping masks. This will add more moisture to your face. Always follow up with a moisturizer

3. Use sunscreen – it would help

4. Clean your phone screen often. Bacteria and dirt could be dancing shaku shaku on your phone screen.

5. Drink water and mind your business. Water is great for your overall health and that includes your skin. Minding your business also gives you enough headspace to focus on your own business and it protects your mental health.

By Lifestyle influencer; Tosin Olaniyi

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