What is really happening in the Church; Female Church Member exposed as he dies in accident



A Female Church Member who is actually a man has been reported dead in an accident.

According to reports shared it stated;

“Is sad to say bcos our heart is broken but we lost one of our beautiful chorister in SJDCC.. may her soul and all the faithful departed rest in peace; Amen

The church member true identity was actually revealed in the mortuary, so according to reports the Church (St John Baptist Catholic Church, Rumuolumeni Port Harcourt) and the priest stated that there is darkness in the band section, as the priest was saying it he left and got into a keke accident where he died at Aker Junction opposite a supermarket. The Catechist was called after the unfortunate incident that a member has died, they took the member to the mortuary. The next day while the Catechist was trying to fill in details of the member he stated the member was a female but the mortuary attendant stated that the body was a man, the Catechist argued until they showed him the body and that was how his true identity was revealed. It was reported that family members came to the church and told the priest that he was a man and not a woman, the priest who was in shock couldn’t believe until they showed him his Facebook profile.

He was making plans to get married to his partner before this unfortunate incident happened.

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A member wrote;

This is so shocking and unbelievable that Emmanuel has to do this to himself. A devoted chorister with angelic voice, he was not just an alter-boy but father’s boy, Alakahia’s Jesus that year, a Eucharistic dancer, a Legionary, lay reader and a strong communicate. Only God in Heaven knows what entered your mind. All we can do is to pray for your soul to be forgiven and rest in peace. 

After his true identity was revealed, some members of the church are in shock as all this while he has been attending the church as a lady and no one recognized him. There are even reports that his family knew about his true identity but couldn’t do anything.


Now the question is how long has he been dressed like this?

Why did he choose to change his identity?

Why did the family members keep silent all this while?

How many more female choristers are disguised in the Church?

Are we safe in the Church?

What is really happening in the Church?

Emmanuel Nwolisa was a devoted Catholic, very committed Church Member, graduated from University of Port Harcourt and is also said to be a Pharmacist.

His female Facebook profile bears the name Emmanuella Adaolisa, he also stated his in a relationship with his partner who has removed all his information online after the story went viral.

He died in a Keke accident on Tuesday in Port Harcourt, Nigeria while returning from a church program after singing and glorifying God with his angelic voice.


May his soul Rest in Peace


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