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Deep facts on Wizkid not showing up in Ghana Live Concert



Deep facts on Wizkid not showing up in Ghana Live Concert

Fans of Wizkid in Ghana were highly disappointed when star boy failed to come through for his Live Concert which was on the 10th of December 2022. There were so many controversy and deep facts on why the singer couldn’t come through and this was carefully explained by entertainment journalist, Olele Salvador.


Read it all;

This event had a lotta promise on paper. Although an overly ambitious attempt to do what hasn’t been done yet in the history of events in this country, the fiasco can’t be fully blamed on the organizers. Some of the sub-contractors let em down. One of them was ticketing.

Per the mode of securing a ticket, one was to receive an email with a barcode and unique ID number after payment. Not all did. And even for those who did, they had a lotta issues with knowing where they actually belonged.

Loads of VIPs & Golden Circle ticket holders were mixed up. Others ended up at the platinum ends and enjoyed benefits ahead of those who actually PAID for that experience. I’m talking people who had paid thousands of dollars not getting a table or even a seat.

For some of these areas were you could get a service as free as getting bottomless drinks and water, it didn’t happen. People had to pay again for these same things that were originally part of the package choice lol.

This I would hold LiveHub accountable heavily on organization, orientation and communication. With the kinda target they were looking to achieve in selling an experience rather than any mere music concert, this was absolutely unfortunate.

The delay in confirmation emails and fans having to prove that they had paid or accredited event passes for crew was stressful and tiring although resolved at the end.

The stage/set-design didn’t live up to the expectations. The whole idea was to have a stage designed with the fans in mind. Where no matter were you sat, the performer-fan connection won’t be lost. Although a near perfect implementation compared to the 3D design/animation I saw, let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan. Hence my [deleted tweet] about the stage being in same conversation as Global Citizen.


The show was originally slated to kick off at 7pm & end at 12 midnight, prompt. Gates were opened at 4pm. Unfortunately, it didn’t not start until after 10:30pm with Lasmid opening the night. Word had gone out that the late start of the show would mean Wizkid coming on at 2am.

YawTog, ASAKAA Boys, Gyakie, Darkovibes, my heroes on the night, legit gave patrons a run for their monies with their performance in the midst of the painful wait. Kojo Manuel as usual did what he had to do but for how long?


Yawtog and Asakaa boys



Fans waited in-between time to buy time as their patience continued to run out. A number of dead moments and still no signs of Wizkid. Now it’s almost 1am & people are leaving. Some sold their tags; others, for free. Some didn’t make it out with their phones on their way out.

Security was solid on all grounds although a few lapses. Number of arrests were made & a few on-site assaults witnessed here and there. Car parking was relatively good & access routes for VIPs were near-perfect.

So why didn’t Wiz show up? This is what I know. It’s alleged that as part of contractual agreements, the stadium was part of the MUST-be-filled-up clause. Basically, the obligation of the organizer was to make sure the stadium was full or almost full to have Wizkid perform.

So although Wizkid had come to town for the sole purpose of this concert, word had gotten to him about the true situation on the ground. The one question that started going around was “if you were Wizkid, would you show up?”

My sources tell me that some unscrupulous persons were in direct contact with Wizkid cooking all sorta untrue & inaccurate stories about the situation & even advising him not to show up because his brand was too big for this fiasco. Unfortunate if you ask me.

It was at this very moment some of us knew, he wasn’t gonna show up. Some of us who stayed longer received intel that Wizkid’s ‘big surprises’ for the night were Chris Brown & Popcaan. We were looking forward to that greatly. But of course the former clause denied that.

These surprises were to fly down into the country on the night of the concert and be brought to the stage with Wizkid, jetting off right after. But of course the laboring question would be re-echoed “if you were Wizkid, would you do that?”

However, I hope this serves as a big lesson to LiveHub & any Ghanaian concert start-up organization. There’s absolutely nothing wrong dreaming big. But know your market & scale up gradually as you grow. Also work with the RIGHT people. Tried & tested people.


Also, for some of the organizing vendors who were paid to add to the experience & failed porously at it, you should be bowing your head in shame. You are not exempted from this gross disappointment. Don’t be crying foul when people go for the white folks to get shit done.

This was an event organized by Africans and for Africans backed by a ridiculously hefty budget. Every ideation on paper was backed with the needed funds.

Everything was possible when you have money right? But last night was another Masterclass that money alone isn’t enough.

I was on coverage duty as a journalist but I didn’t feel like one last night. I look at the investment & the fans who actually bought tickets and both parties(organizers & the fans) not getting the monies’ worth broke me.

Not a day to forget. After 20+ years, the journey to filling up our stadia in Ghana with our music concerts continues. 

Best of luck to the team at LiveHub. A few loose ends needing tightening and they just may be in the same conversation with AfroNation & Global Citizen.

After the whole drama, Wizkid apologized and promised to return to Ghana and do a show for his fans.


Who do we blame?



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