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The most important qualities in a Relationship and how to take it to the next level



The most important qualities in a Relationship and how to take it to the next level

Get set to take your relationship to the next level! It’s no longer new that healthy relationships come with so much benefit to the parties involved. Perhaps, you’ve found yourself in one or would love to have one (just like me), to enjoy the benefits of a healthy relationship, you have to understand the basics and important relationships qualities that will keep both parties in check.

As much as we live in a world of self-love and acceptance, building healthy relationships is important to the acclaimed self-love, which gives room for more peace, openness and acceptance. Does your relationship carry the important qualities of a healthy relationships? 

A relationship is about two people who have accepted to move on a journey together and what keeps them going is how healthy the relationship is, no one wants it toxic and I’ll share with you the important relationship qualities to make the journey a smooth one.

Healthy relationships is one where you do not compromise your happiness, or identity to be involved or heard.

Everyone wants their relationships to be healthy, peaceful and accommodating. It might be a relationship with a family member, friend, lover or even acquaintance. When it comes to building a healthy relationship, you need to be aware of the important relationship qualities that hold it. 

This article takes you through the journey of getting familiar with the important relationship qualities you must have. Perhaps, you need to become more committed to them.

Important Qualities of A Relationship

  • An Open Communication

Relationships are meant for both parties to share, express and feel each moment. Each partner should be able to speak openly, and freely without the fear of being shut down. As long as you both agreed to be in that relationship, there should be room for effective communication. Communication is wider than we think. It takes two good heads to communicate and express whatever thing they are going through. Share your happy moments, fun, stressful days, your schedule, differences and all. This is one important relationship quality you must have.

  • Trust

Trust is great and one of the important relationship qualities that involve your action. In a relationship, you get to earn trust and not just say “trust me”. As humans, we have been framed with the idea of not trusting freely, not even our closest family. If there is an important relationship quality to have, it should be “trust.” When in a relationship, you have to continually work yourself towards the stage where you both trust each other, share the deepest secret, and be in the know of what you are capable of. Because every relationship needs trust to strive and as long as your relationship has the trusted quality, it survives. 

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  • Mutual Respect.

The thoughtfulness in you will lead to giving respect to your partner’s space. It is one of the most important qualities of a good partner. Here, you get to value your partner’s thoughts, opinions, shares, words, actions and behaviours. Make your partner feel the need to always feel safe when with you, not the other way round. The fact that your partner can care for every word you say, makes them respect you and you should accord them the same. It holds the relationship in high stead. As long as you hold onto this important relationship quality, you surely will be respected.

  • Empathy

“Humans inhumanity to humans is an inhumane trait that should be gotten rid of.” — Joxzy Otor. Perhaps, you’ve known that empathy is divine and if you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you have to invite it. Don’t ignore this, it is one of the important relationship qualities to work towards. Empathy is about being there for your partner, seeing things through their eyes, and getting closer, this builds great friendship. When you think about your partner’s feelings, it gets you to continually fix yourself on their emotions and understand them. This quality is important in a relationship because it gets you to pay more attention to what’s going on with them. As long as you show empathy, your partner will feel how relatable you are to them, this qualifies you as a good partner.

  • Be Gentle 

This is a must when you are in a relationship. You have to be gentle in your thoughts, words and actions. This is you accepting them completely and carefully, it is an important quality of a healthy relationship to work on. If you are not gentle, you might not be working towards the important relationship qualities that qualify you as a partner. When you are gentle with your partner, you don’t yell when making a statement, do name-calling, or use abusive words because you are carrying your partner with care, respect and a more passionate way. Tell me who wouldn’t stick by you to enjoy these and more. If you should put up one characteristic to build a healthy relationship, you have to be gentle with them. Be kind.

  • Boundaries are respected 

We all have our differences. That’s why you are being shaped differently from your partner and you first need to realize that when in a relationship. It is one of the most important characteristics to build a healthy relationship. As much as you have your need, so do your partner and not everything will be to your taste, with that I’ll say it’s easier to set boundaries and equally awesome when the boundaries are respected. This points to the fact that you agree and accept their differences. When properly done, the relationship keeps burning high. Boundaries can be physical, mental, or emotional make sure you respect them, it qualifies that the relationship is healthy.

  • Appreciate One Another 

Isn’t love a beautiful thing? Note this, of all qualities, this to me stands out because it tells who you are. To be loved is to be grateful in a loveless world. And when you are being shown how much you mean, it means you’re appreciated. Gratitude is a great quality in a relationship. When you take your partner for granted, you are not in any way respecting them, so if you can consistently remind yourself of how lucky you are to have them, you’d be grateful. You are not just reminding yourself but constantly showing how appreciative you are to have them in your life. And yes, partners who appreciate each other, stay together (forever). This boosts how healthy the relationship will be. Let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life. This qualifies you as a good partner.

  • Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, if you are not among the strongest people in the world,  you cannot build a healthy relationship. Why? Because you don’t forgive. You see this quality, it’s one of the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship. So far it’s said that the weak can never forgive (it takes a strong heart) therefore, your relationship cannot be healthy when you bear grudges against your partner because your buttons will always be pushed. The greatest idea is to forgive quickly, and let go, this is you realizing that your partner is human and open to mistakes anytime. It justifies that the best thing is to let go and be great again. This quality is crucial to building a healthy and lasting relationship. 



To build healthy relationships, we have to be open to ideas that will make our relationships a healthy one. Healthy relationships boost life and gives more peace of mind. Let every part of you be involved in your partner’s growth and evolve with you. Give them the chance to feel how welcoming you are, how relatable you can be and the length you will go through to make the relationship work and healthy. When they have this in mind, they will always work towards satisfying and bringing more joy to the table. Where’s your table located in this article? Do you have any qualities to work on to have a healthy relationship? Do any of these important relationships qualities interest you to be worked on? Get to work!!!


By Ayopadeayo O. Oke

Podcaster/Freelance Content writer


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