Have you ever taken a picture with 001 Photography???? When your done reading this story about them please try and book for a studio session or plan towards taking a picture with them.

So, we got an invite for the grand opening of 001 Photography studios and it was stated an Ultra-Modern Studio with state of the art facilities…. Wow everything sounded like class and we were very much interested to see what Kelvin Joseph (CEO) and his gang has created.

Why you should visit the studio of many colors

1st of May 2022 around 5pm we were at the venue, the studio to be precise and damn!!!!! it was what we expected and more. First thing that came to my (writer) mind is that it is a studio of many colors. 

001 Photography

without wasting much time we took a tour but firstly we had to take a picture because there was a photographer already on standby waiting at the entrance to take pictures of invited guest close to the 001 Photography boldly created logo.

001 Photography studio

That is one thing we admire about the 001 team, their coordination is on point and their packaging is outstanding.

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It was exciting going round the Ultra-modern studio, the interesting thing is that you can take a picture anywhere in the building from the exterior to the interior it doesn’t have to just be the studio room that is why we called it a studio of many colours, I am very sure Kelvin Joseph knew what he was doing and you can’t step in without wanting to take a picture lol we took pictures in every corner. There is a room for everybody, a very comfortable reception with chilling Air conditioner lol you could sleep there,

001 Photography studio

fashion studio, makeup corner, studio for kids infact it was created for every staff to be in their lane and mind their business. Honestly if we should describe how the place looks like we won’t finish… lol

001 Photography studio

There was a party to celebrate this great achievement by the 001 management with few invited people, good food, great music, entertaining MC and free photo session. The event was really colourful, everyone was excited. Connecting with some of the guest they stated that the place was very unique and different from other studio in Port Harcourt.

Watch the Highlight 

We also connected with the General Manager of 001 Photography, Mrs Precious and she told us a lot from how 001 photography started and more. Mrs Precious said 001 Photography and 001 entertainment started in 2009 (yes they are actually behind 001 entertainment organizers of the Nigerian Queen and other great event in Rivers state). She said this newly created studio is the headquarter for 001 entertainment/photography and the other studio would still be existing. She stated that they are known for creativity, quality and speed and customers should expect nothing but the best from them. According to her more branches would still be open within Rivers state and outside the state. Speaking on the challenges, working on the finishing took a lot on them, it was stressful for the team with financial challenge and their CEO didn’t tell them about the newly created studio until it was 70% ready and when they saw it, they were highly impressed. Mrs Precious said you can measure growth when your able to move a step into one of your goal and our goal is to create more 001 photography branches and they are impressed with their CEO’s effort. On how they maintain quality and why they are different from others she said the secret is PASSION and its not about the business or the money but passion and the CEO is a creative who loves perfection and very detailed in anything he does. She said they have more than 50 staffs working with them and they paid very well, according to her they are the highest paying studio in the whole of Port Harcourt. They also recruit people who do not have skills, train them until they become perfect. According to her almost all their staff started from the scratch, they were trained for 6 months before becoming a full-time staff and while learning you are being paid transport allowance. On recruitment they are closed for now and they do internship so if you are interested you can connect with them and they have a standard that you have to follow. Mrs Precious said we should expect more from 001 Photography and entertainment.

Our Highlight of the night was speaking with the CEO, Dr Kelvin Joseph Amroma who is behind 001 entertainment and photography and here is what he told us; What makes his brand unique is the man who is behind it lol which is him he said he has an excellent spirit and his philosophy is whatever is worth doing is worth doing well is not about the big things but doing big things in small way you break them into smaller pieces and start it in smaller pieces. For the expectations he said photography keeps expanding and Nigerian Queen is on the way, 001 Photography would have two more branches this year and they are taking their time to give the best to the city in the aspect of entertainment and more.

The 001 Photography new studio and 001 entertainment headquarters is located at No 4  Amazing Grace opposite Trans Amadi Garden Estate, Odili Road Port Harcourt.

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