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This is Why you are Still Hurting

This is the month of love and it is Friday. However, let us shake off this pain before we proceed to love. Let’s know the reason we hurt and how to detangle ourselves, maybe.

  1. You are attached to People who have Been Distant to you.

The world is replete of different versions of human, some get attached to others easily, some take a while before they do, some do not. They will rather pick a pebble at the river bank and throw into the river alone. The ripples are their friends.

However, every form of this attachment emanates from childhood. Some persons do not know how to have a meaningful friendship without a deep commitment. Some persons even get so attached to married persons. These persons have already seen reasons and made up their minds to be distant to you and that is why they hurt you with words or actions as you come closer. It is in your place to make your own decision too.

If you are this attachment we are talking about:

Get busy with your work

Travel and experience new places

Catch the fire in yourself, your worth by staying still on your own for at least 10 minutes, increase the number as the days go by.

Learn to watch films or read books and the last and most effective

See the person you are attached to in other persons. Open your eyes to see the good in others around you.

  1. You are Paying Attention to People who ignore you.
  2. You are Making Time for People who are too busy for you.
  3. You Care too much about People who are Careless when it comes to you.

It is all about what we give our time to. Reduce paying attention to people who ignore you just like you have ignored the Nigerian Government over their ineptitude.


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