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Places to Buy Land and Wait in Nigeria



Real estate

Real Estate is the second best business to invest in after food business. Land is unmovable, tangible and natural, however, it can depreciate and appreciate. It appreciates according to human locomotion.
As people move to a particular area in course of civilisation, the land there head to becoming more exorbitant.
If you want to invest in real estate in Nigeria, there are things to watch out for, an undisputed land, land topography and human locomotion. You must engage good surveyors who even in dry season can identify aquatic weeds on dry land.

Places to Buy Land and Wait

Rivers State
Rivers State is prominent for her flat land. 14 of the 23 LGAs are located on the upland above sea level. These include Ogoni, lkwerre LGAs, Ahoada, Abual/Odual, 0gba/ Egbema/Ndoni LGAs and Port Harcourt LGAs. The drier upland area of Rivers State covers about 61% while riverine area, with a relief range of 2m to 5m, covers about 39% of the State. 
These are good areas to get land in Rivers State and of course Omagwa, Igwuruta and Rukpoku, Etche, Ahoada. Port Harcourt is heading to Greater Port Harcourt towards Omagwa and Airport Road.
Also the Rivers State University is establishing new campuses in these places.
It will be a cool deal to acquire plots of land around those areas.

Lagos State
Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, very populated and bustling with industries and prominent figures. While there is so much concentration on Lekki, Ajar and Lakowe, Ibeju Lekki, the mainland still has very good hectares to offer. Recall high lamentation on Lekki flood due to poor drainage and house cluster. Soon, people will reverse to mainland.

Ogun State
While Lagos is getting overpopulated daily, people have began to move to Ogun State. Ogun State borders Lagos State closely, with high skilled workforce and literacy, it has began to attract more industries and people from Lagos State.


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