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Seven Jobs that Will Hunt You in Nigeria




Tech can stand for technical, technician or technology. Tech in this juncture is technology, the soaring of imagination and skills. Whatever has to do with innovations and inventions of machines physically or abstractly. Abstract is for online, the internet, creations of online houses called websites and apps. People pay for space online through domain registration and hosting, after that, they design the space through UI and UX. There, they move to coding backend and frontend for the designs to function as users click through, same applies to mobile applications. All these are to own beautiful mansions online that people can visit either for business, information, education or entertainment.

People first lived on land, on sea, then online. Now they are moving to space. All these are tech. In tech field, you can be a tech-writer, graphic designer, backend developer, frontend developer, UI/UX designer, smart contract professional, wordpress web designer and many more. Some persons get deep into programming that they can do all of these, those people are called full stack developers.

If you are in tech sector in Nigeria, you have conquered unemployment. Most developed countries are in search of tech at affordable rates hence, they peach their searches in Nigeria, now programmers in Nigeria work remote for foreign companies and are earning big.

If you are in Port Harcourt, you can visit, contact them to learn any of these skills and work with them.


While people are establishing businesses, they need a professional to melt their tangible projects into words, a professional that will write goodwill about their companies, a smart head that will present their mission and vision either offline and online. Gone are those days when writers are only known for writing literature and people term writing non-lucrative. Now copywriting, technical writing, content writing have pushed writers into the big earners club.


We have mentioned that businesses live online, they focus on keeping their online spaces lively and beautiful for people to keep visiting using social media. Social media managers, search engine optimization professionals and content marketers are in high demand by companies. You see some persons say they are working but they are online 247, that is their job, moving all the pages of a company with trend. No company wants to fall out of trend, they all want to be involved and remain in the minds of people because that is how they capture customers.


Digital marketing is any form of marketing online, it means projecting your business using online technologies.


This is not the banal kind of video editing. Industries and people are after professional video editors who can use current tools to edit their videos in a captivating way. Animation added to this boosts the person’s skill, the person professionally combines all these to produce a video that will engage peoples’ minds, their imaginations as well.


Graphic designing involves using visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form. It is a skill that requires creating visual content that pass messages. Companies usually need graphics designers to design for new policies, announcements, special days, birthdays, holidays, events, etc. Professional graphics designers do not search for jobs, their demand is everywhere, high and constant.


The professionals here in this 21st Century are referred to as chefs. Cooks used to be a title for them when they simply served people in their various homes. Now, chefs cook for companies and deliver for good cash. Elevate yourself from seeing yourself as a cook, see yourself rather as a chef. Learn how to cook intercontinental dishes, attend culinary schools, earn certificates that are presentable and attain a big irreplaceable position in companies. These chefs can also cook online and make cool online cash as people watch their videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.


There are people gifted with eyes that define others. One look and they already know the kind of colour, outfit and hairdo that will suit anyone. The fashion industry is always at the apex. People must look good and that is the mint. Elites and celebrities appreciate these professionals who help them appear flawless and regal before the public. Beautifiers are also needed in film industries.


Identify the job related to your talent, get trained in it and become a master of your art, jobs will run after you in Nigeria till you train others and build a company around it.

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    February 9, 2022 at 5:45 am

    Thank you so much for this lessons I wish to take note of this thank you so much

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