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10 Things Mummy G.O Has Admitted To



The things Mummy G.O admitted to

January 2022 was overtaken by Mummy G.O a middle-aged Nigerian woman in a native attire and headgear with a microphone constant to her lips declaring things that lead people to hell.

Mummy G.O as known online is Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo, a preacher of the heavenly race. Memes and clips of her took over the internet from December 2021 as people found her teachings unorthodox. They found it rather disturbing to the mind that footballers will go straight to hell.

People have also wondered on the kind of super powers she must have to have ascertained the individuals that will go to hell. The trend was no joke as pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were created as eternal monuments to mark the existence of the one and only Mummy G.O of Nigeria. Because her teachings were unconventional, many found it abysmally hilarious. People laughed, shared her memes and clips and made funny comments, others got abusive.  A few others proposed that she intentionally taught those things to trend, to cash-out from the social media wealth. In the euphoria of the New Year, many persons urged her to give them a list of things to do in order to avert hell-fire. These went on till she earned interviews from media houses to confirm if Mummy G. O. is flesh and blood or is just another way for Nigerians to catch cruise.

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Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo admitted:

That she is an evangelist and a revivalist doing the work of God for over 24 years in the ministry. But she answered the call of God for over 27 years to tell people about the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

That she is aware of her trends and does not feel bad about it because it helped her ministry to reach people. She said those people making her trend are not her enemies. They had no idea that some persons hitherto made it a scandal at first before it went viral as a joke. She said they helped her exist.

That people behind the scandal against her ministry have been doing it for eight years. Some time ago, they sent assassins who gave her a hot pursuit with guns. She received strange calls warning her to stop preaching, also threatening to annihilate her if she does not quit her teachings.

That truly footballers will not make heaven because the god of soccer connotes satan the devil. She said that there are forces surrounding the game and the event that will introduce the anti-Christ to the whole world will come through the World Cup.


That people who use technology negatively will go to hell.

That those women who expose her bodies and wear artificial extensions will go right into hell. She mentioned that even Muslim women are very modest and that the God who refused women from entering churches without covering their hair in the past ages is still the same God now.

That she existed in another world, for over 900 years in the kingdom of darkness where she was working for darkness, molesting pastors and the work of God. She arrested a pastor who had once told her that God is calling her till God found her by way of Jesus coming in her revelation.

That Rapet TV on Youtube is her TV channel. She urged people to go there and confirm her teachings because making heaven is the hardest thing on earth.

That she also receives thousands of callers affirming that her teachings are right, encouraging her to continue the good work.

That if the true word of God is hard, then let the few that believe her follow.

Our humble Mummy G.O Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo has send chills down many spines as she upholds not to back-out in preaching about heaven. She pleads for citizens to be calm and watch out for an occurrence soon.


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