Details of official inauguration of campus chapter executives at Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic

The OJUKAYE YOUTH FOUNDATION led by the National coordinator, Mr Erekosima Harrison-Douglas and BOT chairman Hon Kramabo Batubo. DG, stormed Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic for the official inauguration of the campus chapter executives..

The executives led by Comr. Gift Onyijne were formally inaugurated by the BOT chairman Hon Kramabo Batubo (DG). And the incumbent Chairman immediately after the inauguration he huge the brand new campus chapter executives that the message is to go a fishing and spread the goodwill of this movement within and outside the campus.

He also ensure the recently made executives that none will be left out in this particular movement that everyone will be carried along.
On behalf of the recently made executives, Comr. Gift Onyijne appreciate the BOT chairman and others national coordinators and also promise that the new campus chapter EXCO will work diligently under the umbrella of OJUKAYE YOUTH FOUNDATION to bring more wins and success to the organization.

Special honour was given to Dokubo Ramson, Impakaboari Wokoma, Jackreece Inye, TPL. Douglas Sokeipirim, Prince Batubo, Nishapdd Omonaa Wokoma Jnr, Elizabeth Wokoma, Empress Tina Abere Kalio.

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